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Placement test 2018

Placement test 2018 – riservato agli alunni delle future classi prime Cambridge IGCSE

Welcome to your Placement test 2018

Answer the following questions crossing the correct answer:

Cognome Nome



She was 29 on her birthday,__________she?
Marian has_______old books.
Simon can’t_________to you now. He’s busy.
How much _________________ where you live?
__________ come to my party next Saturday?
We haven’t got__________Polish friends.
It’s a pity you__________ here last night.
I’ll return the newspaper when I___________ through it.

Let’s think__________something nice.
Joanna looks__________ in her new dress.
Did you____________ anywhere interesting last weekend?
What time is it? ________________
You can’t cross the road when the light____________red.
Last Tuesday I _____________- to the Passport Office
I work as a teacher and my wife___________, too
We wash the curtains________ year.
How__________ are you?
How many people____________ in your family?
I made one or two mistakes, but___________of my answers were correct.
__________ car is the red Ford?
A Jaguar is_______________ than a Fiat.
The film was very good. It’s _____________
Hania has got two children,___________?
What ___________ in London last weekend?
Do penguins fly? No, they__________
What time_________ to bed during the week?
I’m going to Sainsbury’s ___________ some food
We must go now. Call the waitress and ask for the_____________
Marta takes the dog for a walk__________the evening.
I don’t have a cent to give you. I_________bought a new computer.

He was working in the garden when I______________ him yesterday
What about__________ for a walk?
These bottles___________of plastic.
You should give______________
My mother never ____________ out in the evenings.
These questions were_______hard  that I had no chance.
I think_____________ taxi driver.
He’s a friend of__________
Do you like Oxford? Yes, _____________
_______is it from here to Berlin?
Where are you going __________ Friday?
The TV’s too loud.Please,_________
My girlfriend_______born on the 2nd of September1974

This book is mine and that book is _____________
Would you like________help?
You have a terrible fever!___________call a doctor?
This is the best tea I’ve__________ tasted.
She came to Britain _____________
I don’t understand what language______________
Is_________than his father?
This is_____________ story.
Our neighbour is___________ to Ireland.
______train are you taking, the express to Newcastle or to Leeds?
Mum gave________her job when I was born.

I have a problem.___________help me please?
I need to go to_______ toilet.
Have they finished working yet? I don’t think________
I get up at 8 o’clock ___________ morning.
I’m afraid I Havent’t got__________________
Is your English improving? ___________________


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